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Sheet Materials            
Chinese Hardwood WBP Ply 8' x 4'Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
4mm9.12/ea3mm 8' x 4'7.06/ea
6mm 11.70/ea6mm Premium 8' x 4'10.45/ea
9mm 15.91/ea9mm 8' x 4'14.19/ea
12mm 20.98/ea12mm 8' x 4'17.70/ea
18mm 30.10/ea12mm 10' x 4'21.94/ea
25mm 42.31/ea12mm Moisture Resistant 8' x 4'22.79/ea
8mm Bendiply35.52/ea15mm 8' x 4'20.09/ea
5.5mm SP101 Flooring Overlay Ply19.55/ea18mm Premium 8' x 4'22.87/ea
6mm B/BB Superior Grade Streply15.15/ea18mm 10' x 4'29.10/ea
18mm Moisture Resistant 8' x 4'27.28/ea
Malayan Hardwood WBP Ply 8' x 4'22mm 8' x 4'28.91/ea
6mm15.15/ea25mm 8' x 4'34.37/ea
Softwood WBP Ply 8' x 4'Hardboard 8' x 4'
12mm C.D.X.19.44/ea3.2mm White6.67/ea
18mm GIS26.32/ea3.2mm White Perforated19.66/ea
OSB WBP 8' x 4'
9mm OSB 312.90/eaRadiator Panels
11mm OSB 314.45/ea3.2mm MDF White Painted (6' x 2')20.35/ea
18mm OSB 323.48/ea
18mm T & G OSB3 (2400 x 600mm)13.59/eaPinboard 8' x 4'
9mm Sundeala K60.20/ea
Roofing Felt
Diamond Grey Mineral Felt (10m 2 )23.75/rollPlasterboard
Diamond Grey Mineral Felt (5m 2 )14.77/roll1219 x 900 x 9.5mm 3.65/ea
Roof TX Breathable Felt (50m 2 )39.51/roll1800 x 900 x 9.5mm 5.30/ea
Breathable Felt (25m 2 )22.44/roll1800 x 900 x 12.5mm 5.30/ea
2400 x 1200 x 9.5mm 7.73/ea
Felt Adhesive2400 x 1200 x 12.5mm 7.73/ea
2.5ltr Felt Adhesive10.92/ea2.4 mtr Mini Mesh 1.15/ea
5ltr Felt Adhesive18.15/eaDry Wall Joint Tape3.57/ea
2.4mtr Perforated Bead1.16/ea
Class O Boards 8' x 4'3.0mtr Mini Mesh1.40/ea
6mm Multipro25.28/ea
100mm Multiroll - approx 12.12m 2 19.18/roll
Standard Grade Chipboard 8' x 4'150mm Multiroll - approx 7.71m 2 18.30/roll
12mm10.88/ea50mm Polystyrene 2400 x 1200mm10.35/ea
18mm 16.68/ea12mm Insulation Board14.62/ea
MR Flooring Grade Chipboard 3mm Green Underlay (15m 2 ) net price19.21/ea
18mm T & G P5 - 600 x 2400mm11.43/ea
22mm T & G P5 - 600 x 2400mm13.67/ea
22mm Cabershield15.22/ea
Everbuild D4 Adhesive 1ltr6.96/ea
Sheet Materials / Doors / Casings & Frames
Decorative Boards 8' x 4'35mm Internal Ply Flush Doors
10mm Sapele MDF28.90/ea6'6" x 1'6" 33.15/ea
19mm Sapele MDF36.87/ea6'6" x 2'0"33.15/ea
6'6" x 2'3"33.15/ea
4mm Oak Ply23.80/ea6'6" x 2'6" 33.15/ea
6mm Oak Ply28.05/ea6'6" x 2'9" 33.15/ea
13mm Oak MDF43.00/ea6'8" x 2'8" 33.15/ea
19mm Oak MDF42.57/ea
44mm Fire Doors - Internal Paint Grade FD30 (1/2hr)
22mm Decorative Veneer Edging0.42/mtr6'6" x 2'3" 49.73/ea
6'6" x 2'6" 58.14/ea
6'6" x 2'9" 58.14/ea
6'8" x 2'8" 49.73/ea
6'6'' x 3'0''54.83/ea
2040 x 726 54.83/ea
White MFC2040 x 82654.83/ea
8' x 6" MFC 15mm4.25/ea2040 x 926 62.92/ea
8' x 9" MFC 15mm6.44/ea
8' x 12" MFC 15mm8.62/ea6'6" x 2'6" External FD30100.47/ea
8' x 15" MFC 15mm10.74/ea6'6" x 2'9" External FD30102.66/ea
8' x 18" MFC 15mm12.77/ea
8' x 21" MFC 15mm14.93/ea44mm Door Blanks - 1/2hr External Solid Core
8' x 24" MFC 15mm17.34/ea7' x 3' 1/2hr 81.70/ea
8' x 27" MFC 15mm19.19/ea8' x 4' 1/2hr 152.15/ea
8' x 30" MFC 15mm21.35/ea
8' x 36" MFC 15mm25.31/ea
8' x 4' MFC 18mm27.47/ea35mm White Moulded Hardboard - std. sizes
2 Panel Grained Door30.96/ea
Edging Strip 19mm0.13/mtr4 Panel Grained Door30.96/ea
Edging Strip 22mm 0.16/mtr6 Panel Grained Door30.96/ea
Modesty Blocks 0.07/ea
Door Casing Sets, Frames & Sections finished sizes
Intumescent Strip - 2.1mtr32 x 94mm Casing10.51set
Self Adhesive Fire Only1.95/ea32 x 108mm Casing12.09set
Self Adhesive Fire & Smoke2.30/ea32 x 132mm Casing14.62set
Weatherbars & Threshold32 x 144 x 2100mm Casing Section7.62/ea
Hardwood 0.9mtr6.67/ea44 x 144 x 2100mm 1/2hr Casing Section10.06/ea
Oak 0.9mtr9.79/ea
Softwood 0.9mtr3.24/ea44 x 108mm 1/2hr Casing16.80set
Softwood 1.8mtr6.48/ea44 x 119mm 1/2hr Casing18.26set
34 x 22mm Threshold2.94/ea44 x 132mm 1/2hr Casing 22.43set
44 x 69mm H/W Reversible Door Frame60.14/ea
XL Joinery Weather Strip (6mtr)15.20/ea
57 x 94mm Door Frame Section4.65/mtr
44 x 144mm Hardwood Cill17.17/mtr
8 x 45 x 2400mm H/W Door Lipping4.78/ea
Softwood/Hardwood P.S.E & Stair Parts
Softwood P.S.ESoftwood Stair Parts
16 x 50mm P.S.E0.82/mtr50mm Mopstick Handrail1.83/mtr
16 x 75mm P.S.E.1.22/mtr34 x 94 x 4200mm Sows Ear Handrail20.00/ea
16 x 100mm P.S.E.1.63/mtrSoftwood Handrail (inc fillet)4.45/mtr
Softwood Baserail (inc fillet)2.71/mtr
25 x 25mm P.S.E.0.49/mtr
25 x 38mm PSE0.52/mtr
25 x 50mm P.S.E.0.67/mtr41mm Colonial Spindles2.12/ea
25 x 75mm P.S.E.1.13/mtr
25 x 100mm P.S.E.1.43/mtr32mm Stop Chamfered Spindles1.96/ea
25 x 125mm P.S.E.1.80/mtr41mm Stop Chamfered Spindles1.69/ea
25 x 150mm P.S.E.2.28/mtr
25 x 175mm P.S.E.2.66/mtr90mm Turning with 700mm Base36.86/ea
25 x 200mm P.S.E.3.38/mtr1/2 90mm Turning with 700mm Base20.30/ea
25 x 225mm P.S.E.4.01/mtr
25 x 250mm P.S.E.4.24/mtr90mm Newel Turning Only19.32/ea
25 x 275mm P.S.E.4.67/mtr90mm Quarter Turn Turning Only22.06/ea
38 x 38mm P.S.E.0.89/mtr
38 x 50mm P.S.E.1.07/mtr90mm Stop Chamf. Newel 1500mm35.50/ea
38 x 100mm P.S.E.2.12/mtr90mm Stop Chamf.1/2 Newel 1500mm19.52/ea
38 x 150mm P.S.E.3.17/mtr
38 x 225mm PSE4.95/mtr90mm 900 Base17.46/ea
38 x 275mm P.S.E.6.26/mtr
50 x 50mm P.S.E.1.27/mtr82mm Comp.Turned Newel with Ball cap22.56/ea
50 x 75mm P.S.E.1.92/mtr
50 x 100mm P.S.E.2.56/mtr90mm Acorn/Ball7.00/ea
50 x 150mm P.S.E.3.83/mtr1/2 90mm Acorn/Ball4.00/ea
90mm Pyramid Cap7.01/ea
75 x 75mm P.S.E.3.25/mtr
75 x 100mm P.S.E.4.29/mtrStair Parts Fixing Kit4.07/pk
Softwood Plugs0.79/ea
100 x 100mm P.S.E.7.71/mtr
Hand Rail Brackets
Laminated Redwood2.5" White 1.39/ea
19 x 2400 x 300mm16.29/ea2.5" Brass 3.46/ea
19 x 2350 x 400mm23.43/ea2.5" Chrome 4.28/ea
19 x 2400 x 500mm27.13/ea
19 x 2400 x 600mm 32.56/eaSTD Softwood Staircase (Net Price)
2.6mt Rise, 2.7mt Going, 864mm Wide159.30/ea
Red Hardwood P.S.EFakro Loft Ladders (Net Price)
63 x 63mm7.17/mtr2.7mtr height, 1200 x 600mm opening 127.01/ea
63 x 75mm 8.81/mtr (other sizes available to order,price on request)
Oak P.S.E
16 x 50mm Oak PSE2.88/mtr
25 x 75mm Oak PSE5.03/mtr
25 x 100mm Oak PSE6.52/mtr
25 x 150mm Oak PSE9.98/mtr
Machined Sections, Rough Sawn Softwood/Hardwood & MDF Mouldings
Skirting & ArchitraiveCornice & Dado Rail
19 x 50mm S/W Pencil Round/Chamfered0.56/mtr25 x 75mm S/W Dado 1.70/mtr
19 x 75mm S/W Pencil Round/Chamfered0.84/mtr50 x 75mm S/W Cornice2.47/mtr
19 x 100mm S/W Dual Purpose 1.09/mtr
19 x 125mm S/W Dual Purpose 1.37/mtrSoftwood Window Sections
25 x 75mm S/W Torus/Regency1.07/mtr16 x 19mm Double Glazing Bead0.91/mtr
25 x 125mm S/W Torus/Regency1.86/mtr16 x 32mm Single Glazing Bead1.51/mtr
25 x 125mm S/W Torus/Ovolo1.86/mtr38 x 75mm Cill Extension2.90/mtr
25 x 175mm S/W Torus/Regency2.61/mtr63 x 63mm Sash3.36/mtr
25 x 175mm S/W Ovolo/Bullnose2.61/mtr63 x 75mm Frame4.00/mtr
63 x 75mm Mullion4.00/mtr
14.5 x 44mm Primed MDF Pencil Round 0.76/mtr25 x 38mm Dripmould1.10/mtr
14.5 x 69mm Primed MDF Pencil Round1.00/mtr
14.5 x 94mm Primed MDF Pencil Round 1.25/mtrOak Machined Sections
14.5 x 119mm Primed MDF Pencil Round 1.55/mtr25 x 75 Oak Regency 5.03/mtr
25 x 75 Oak Torus 5.03/mtr
14.5 x 69mm Primed MDF Chamfered1.00/mtr25 x 150 Oak Torus/Regency9.98/mtr
14.5 x 119mm Primed MDF Chamfered 1.55/mtr25 x 75 Oak Chamfered5.03/mtr
25 x150 Oak Chamfered9.98/mtr
14.5 x 119mm Primed MDF Torus 1.55/mtr
9" Oak Window Board16.39/mtr
18 x 69mm Primed MDF Regency1.11/mtr10" Oak Window Board18.32/mtr
18 x 119mm Primed MDF Regency1.66/mtr
18 x 169mm Primed MDF Regency2.19/mtr16 x 50mm Oak PSE2.88/mtr
25 x 75mm Oak PSE5.03/mtr
18 x 69mm Primed MDF Torus1.11/mtr25 x 100mm Oak PSE6.52/mtr
18 x 119mm Primed MDF Torus1.66/mtr25 x 150mm Oak PSE9.98/mtr
18 x 169mm Primed MDF Torus2.19/mtr
15 x 15 Oak Quadrant5.88/ea
18 x 69mm Primed MDF Square Edge1.11/mtr18 x 18 Oak Scotia6.82/ea
18 x 94mm Primed MDF Sqaure Edge1.41/mtrOak Fire Check Bead11.37/ea
18 x 119mm Primed MDF Square Edge1.66/mtr8 x 28mm Oak Panel Mould5.15/ea
6 x 18mm Oak D Mould3.16/ea
18 x 69mm Primed MDF Shadow Groove1.11/mtr35 x 35mm Oak Cushion Corner20.28/ea
18 x 144mm Primed MDF Shadow Groove2.04/mtr
Swedish U/S _ Joinery Redwood
18 x 69mm Primed MDF Chamfered1.29/mtr50 x 225mm 5.77/mtr
18 x 144mm Primed MDF Chamfered2.25/mtr75 x 225mm 8.86/mtr
25 x 75 Oak Regency 5.03/mtrFloorboard, Matchbord & Shiplap
25 x 75 Oak Torus 5.03/mtr22 x 125mm Floorboard1.17/mtr
25 x 150 Oak Torus/Regency9.40/mtr25 x 125mm Floorboard1.28/mtr
25 x 75 Oak Chamfered5.03/mtr
25 x150 Oak Chamfered9.40/mtr12 x 100mm S/W V Grooved Matchboard0.80/mtr
19 x 100mm S/W V Grooved Matchboard1.16/mtr
Windowboard19 x 125mm S/W V Grooved Matchboard 1.30/mtr
25 x 225mm Softwood4.76/mtr
12 x 100mm S/W Reed & Bead Matchbrd0.80/mtr
9" Oak Window Board16.39/mtr
10" Oak Window Board18.32/mtr16 x 125mm S/W Shiplap1.10/mtr
25 x 219mm Primed MDF4.18/mtr19 x 100mm V Grooved H/W Matchboard 4.32/mtr
25 x 244mm Primed MDF4.58/mtr
25 x 294mm Primed MDF5.72/mtr3mm Cladding Clips (60) for 12 x 100mm4.63/ea
Sawn - kiln dried C16/C24, regularised & eased edgeTreated Standard Decking Accessories
47 x 50mm Graded0.93/mtr82 x 82 x 1250mm Patrice Newel 9.31/ea
47 x 75mm1.40/mtr82 x 82 x 1500mm Patrice Newel 14.45/ea
47 x 100mm 1.87/mtr82 x 82 x 2400mm Patrice Newel 27.00/ea
47 x 100mm (6.0mt) 1.91/mtr32 x 32mm Sq Spindles1.07/ea
47 x 125mm 2.33/mtr32 x 70mm Hand/Baserail2.38/mtr
47 x 150mm 2.80/mtr12 x 32mm Spacer0.58/mtr
47 x 150mm (6.0mt) 2.86/mtr
47 x 175mm 3.27/mtr1500mm Economy Patrice Newel9.10/ea
47 x 200mm 3.73/mtr
47 x 200mm (6.0mt)3.82/mtr82 x 82 x 2400mm Sq. Topped Newel 9.98/ea
47 x 225mm4.20/mtr
47 x 225mm (6.0mt)4.31/mtr
75 x 100mm 2.98/mtrBurbidge/Delux Treated Decking Accessories
75 x 150mm 4.47/mtr68 x 68 x 2400mm Large Trad H/Rail
75 x 175mm 5.21/mtr (inc. spacer)11.03/ea
75 x 200mm 5.96/mtr32 x 68 x 2400mm Large Trad B/Rail5.08/ea
75 x 225mm 6.70/mtr32 x 66 x 1800mm Traditional Handrail5.38/ea
75 x 225mm (6.0mt)6.87/mtrBaserail Support Brackets5.06/ea
75 x 300mm 11.28/mtr82 x 82 x 1200mm Turned Newel with Ball10.78/ea
100 x 300mm15.03/mtr41 x 41 x 900mm Turned Spindles2.02/ea
90 X 90 X 1200mm Chamfered Newel9.25/ea
Cap (to suit chamfered newel)1.05/ea
41 x 41 x 900mm Chamfered Spindles1.90/ea
3 Tread Cut String - 573mm rise 35 0 pitch20.47/ea
Kiln Dried C16 CLS (38 x 63mm)5 Tread Cut String - 955mm rise 35 0 pitch31.25/ea
50 x 75 (2.4mt)1.25/mtr
Decking Screws & Fixings
Treated Timber & Accessories8 x 2 1/2" (200)7.77/box
19 x 38mm Lath0.28/mtr8 x 2 1/2" (1000)27.76/box
25 X 50mm Lath0.49/mtr
Balustrading Bolts (4) & Spanner7.74/pk
19 x 100 x 1200mm Paling0.89/ea
19 x 100 x 1800mm Paling1.33/eaHex Head Timber Fixing Screw
19 x 100 x 2400mm Paling1.77/ea100mm0.26/ea
22 x 125 x 1800mm Feather Edge1.01/ea200mm0.61/ea
22 x 75mm Sawn0.64/mtrQuick Post
22 x 100mm Sawn0.85/mtr75 x 75mm Concrete in 5.31/ea
22 x 150mm Sawn1.27/mtr100 x 100mm Concrete in 5.65/ea
75 x 75mm Bolt Down 5.41/ea
38 x 100 x 3600mm Sawn4.94/ea100 x 100mm Bolt Down 6.57/ea
38 x 125mm Decking1.96/mtr100 x 100 x 700mm Spike8.91/ea
75 x 75 x 600mm Spike6.80/ea
47 x 50mm C16 eased edge0.95/mtr
Wood Preserver
47 x 75mm C16 eased edge1.52/mtr5ltr 19.52/ea
47 x 100mm C16 eased edge2.03/mtr Golden Chestnut, Fir Green
47 x 150mm C16 eased edge3.05/mtr Red Cedar, Dark Oak, Clear
750ml Ronseal End Grain Preserver10.89/ea
75 x 75 x 1800mm Post4.01/ea
75 x 75 x 2400mm Post5.34/eaCreosote Substitute
100 x 100 x 1800mm Post6.97/ea4Ltr Light / Dark 8.39/ea
100 x 100 x 2400mm Post9.29/ea
100 x 100 x 3000mm Post11.61/eaWood Treatments
500ml Liberon Teak Oil7.67/ea
4" x 4" Post Cap0.89/ea500ml Littlefairs Danish Oil9.35/ea
5" x 5" Post Cap1.16/ea250ml Liberon Knotting 6.58/ea
2.5ltr Multi-purpose Treatment13.81/ea
Post Mix 20Kg Bag4.50/ea5ltr Multi-purpose Treatment22.43/ea
5ltr Lumberjack Decking Treatment18.39/ea
100 x 200 x 2400mm Sleepers18.49/ea2.5ltr Liberon Decking Oil21.30/ea
125 x 250 x 2400mm Sleepers25.54/ea5ltr Liberon Decking Oil34.03/ea
4ltr Rustins Decking Cleaner8.22/ea
Small Mouldings - finished sizes (2.4/2.1mtr lengths)
9 x 9mm Quadrant1.12/ea
12 x 12mm Quadrant1.48/ea20 x 44 Rebated Dado5.46/ea
15 x 15mm Quadrant1.72/ea20 x 45mm Picture Rail5.00/ea
18 x 18mm Quadrant2.55/ea20 x 45mm Dado Rail TA25.00/ea
21 x 21mm Quadrant3.15/ea
8 x 15mm Broken O.G2.00/ea
9 x 9mm Glass bead1.12/ea8 x 20mm Broken OG2.57/ea
9 x 12mm Glass bead1.26/ea12 x 34mm Barrel Mould4.10/ea
9 x 15mm Glass bead1.58/ea
8 x 20mm Parting Bead1.87/ea
8 x 20mm Double Astragal2.57/ea16 x 22mm Staff Bead2.82/ea
15 x 41mm Pine Panel Mould6.50/ea
15 x 44mm Cove Cornice5.24/ea21 x 21mm Triangular Fillet3.07/ea
8 x 20mm Half Round2.29/ea
9 x 21mm Pine Hockey Stick2.96/ea
6mm Dowel1.26/ea
8mm Dowel1.48/ea
9mm Dowel1.67/ea
9 x 18mm Wedge1.87/ea12mm Dowel2.92/ea
12x15mm Wedge2.36/ea15mm Dowel3.89/ea
18mm Dowel5.37/ea
22mm Dowel6.83/ea
12 x 12mm Scotia1.48/ea25mm Dowel10.02/ea
15 x 15mm Scotia2.36/ea31mm Dowel15.16/ea
18 x 18mm Scotia2.95/ea
21 x 21mm Scotia3.82/eaHardwood Mouldings
21 x 32mm Worktop Scotia4.27/ea12mm Ramin Half Round1.37/ea
15mm Ramin Half Round1.69/ea
21 x 21mm Cushion Corner3.75/ea18mm Ramin Half Round2.04/ea
30 x 30mm Cushion Corner7.42/ea10 x 10mm Ramin P.A.R.1.76/ea
35 x 35mm Cushion Corner9.04/ea15 x 34mm Ramin Airer Lathe4.49/ea
6 x 18mm D Mould1.60/ea8 x 45mm Red H/W PSE4.78/ea
6 x 25mm D Mould2.18/ea9 x 28mm Red H/W Door Plant Mould5.37/ea
6 x 31mm D Mould2.49/ea12 x 15mm Red H/W Wedge3.79/ea
6 x 45mm D Mould4.11/eaRed H/W Fire Check Bead7.48/ea
34 x 34mmRed H/W Angle11.83/ea
8 x 21mm Base2.83/ea
8 x 28mm Door Plant Mould3.14/ea15 x 15 Oak Quadrant5.88/ea
15 x 41mm Door Plant Mould 6.50/ea18 x 18 Oak Scotia6.82/ea
15 x 30mm Reg Door Plant Mould4.24/eaOak Fire Check Bead12.22/ea
8 x 28mm Oak BOG3.98/ea
9 x 21mm Door Stop2.12/ea6 x 18mm Oak D Mould3.58/ea
12 x 34mm Door Stop3.39/ea21 x 21mm Oak Cushion Corner8.40/ea
9 x 34mm Pencil Round3.40/ea36 x 35mm Oak Cushion Corner23.86/ea
6 x 20mm PSE2.25/ea
6 x 32mm PSE3.05/ea
6 x 41mm PSE3.46/ea
9 x 20mm P.S.E.1.87/ea
9 x 32mm P.S.E.2.89/ea
9 x 45mm P.S.E.3.64/ea
12 x 12mm PSE2.29/ea
12 x 20mm P.S.E.2.13/ea
12 x 32mm P.S.E.2.89/ea
12 x 45mm P.S.E.3.77/ea
12 x 70mm P.S.E.4.49/ea
12 x 95mm P.S.E.5.32/ea
Screws & Fixings
BZP Pozi C/S TwinthreadReisser R2 Cutter
4 x 1/2" (200)1.34/box3.5 x 16mm (200)2.03/box
4 x 5/8" (200)1.52/box3.5 x 20mm (200)2.34/box
4 x 3/4" (200)1.93/box3.5 x 25mm (200)2.61/box
4 x 1" (200)2.33/box3.5 x 30mm (200)3.14/box
3.5 x 35mm (200)3.70/box
6 x 1/2" (200)1.16/box3.5 x 40mm (200)4.09/box
6 x 5/8" (200)1.25/box4 x 20mm (200) 2.75/box
6 x 3/4" (200)1.34/box4 x 25mm (200)3.14/box
6 x 1" (200)1.45/box4 x 30mm (200)3.42/box
4 x 35mm (200)3.87/box
7 x 1" (200)2.52/box4 x 40mm (200)4.39/box
7 x 1 1/4" (200)3.31/box4 x 45mm (200)5.32/box
4 x 50mm (200)5.79/box
8 x 3/4" (200)1.59/box4 x 60mm (200)7.83/box
8 x 1" (200)1.70/box4 x 70mm (200)9.26/box
8 x 1 1/4" (200)2.06/box5 x 30mm (200)5.44/box
8 x 1 1/2" (200)2.22/box5 x 40mm (200)6.64/box
8 x 1 3/4" (200)3.01/box5 x 50mm (200)7.98/box
8 x 2" (200)3.08/box5 x 60mm (200)9.75/box
8 x 2 1/2" (200)4.10/box5 x 70mm (200)11.76/box
8 x 3" (100)2.52/box5 X 80mm (200)13.06/box
5 x 90mm (200)18.28/box
10 x 1" (200)2.88/box5 x 100mm (200)20.80/box
10 x 1 1/4" (200)3.08/box
10 x 1 1/2" (200)3.29/box6 x 80mm (100)10.85/box
10 x 1 13/4" (200)5.21/box6 x 100mm (100)12.16/box
10 x 2" (200)4.08/box6 x 120mm (100)21.13/box
10 x 2 1/2" (100)2.79/box
10 x 3" (100)3.29/boxDrywall Screws
10 x 3 1/2" (100)6.37/box25mm (200)1.45/box
10 x 4" (100)4.56/box32mm (200)1.62/box
38mm (200)1.93/box
12 x 1" (200)6.80/box42mm (200)2.12/box
12 x 1 1/4" (200)6.82/box50mm (200)2.43/box
12 x 1 1/2" (200)6.46/box65mm (200)4.16/box
12 x 2" (100)3.60/box75mm (200)4.71/box
12 x 2 1/2" (100)5.49/box
12 x 3" (100)5.62/box25mm (1000)6.22/box
12 x 4" (100)6.84/box32mm (1000)7.10/box
38mm (1000)8.39/box
Decking Screws42mm (1000)9.32/box
8 x 2 1/2" (200)7.77/box50mm (1000)10.24/box
8 x 2 1/2" (1000)27.76/box65mm (500)10.01/box
Hex Head Timber Fixing ScrewMirror Screws
100mm0.26/ea1 1/4" (4) EB/CP1.24/pk
150mm0.43/ea1 1/2" (4) EB/CP1.44/pk
200mm0.61/eaMirror Screw Washers0.41/pk
Plastic Wall PlugsScrew Cover Caps
Red - 5.5mm (100)0.88/pkHinged (20)0.66/pk
Brown - 7mm (100)1.00/pkPozi-push in (50)0.93/pk
Plasterboard FixingsBrass Screw Cups
Metal Plug (inc screw)0.13/eaNo. 6 (32)1.13/pk
No. 7-8 (26)1.13/pk
No. 9-10 (22)1.13/pk
Nickel Plated Brass Screw Cups
No. 6 (28)1.13/pk
No. 7-8 (22)1.13/pk
No. 9-10 (18)1.13/pk
Nails, Bolts & Fixings
Galvanised Clout NailsAnnular Ring Nails
13mm x 1kg5.25/bag20mm 1kg4.85/bag
20mm x 1kg4.60/bag25mm 1kg4.85/bag
30mm x 1kg 4.60/bag30mm 1Kg 6.59/bag
40mm x 1kg3.93/bag40mm 1kg 3.58/bag
50mm x 1kg 3.93/bag50mm 1kg 3.58/bag
20mm x 2.5kg 9.71/bag65mm 1kg 3.58/bag
25mm x 2.5kg 9.71/bag25mm 2.5kg11.21/bag
30mm x 2.5kg 8.44/bag30mm 2.5Kg16.18/bag
40mm x 2.5kg 8.44/bag40mm 2.5kg8.78/bag
50mm x 2.5kg8.44/bag50mm 2.5kg 8.78/bag
65mm x 2.5kg 8.44/bag65mm 2.5kg 8.78/bag
75mm x 2.5kg9.71/bag25mm 25kg 92.10/box
Bright Round Wire NailsFrame Fixings
25mm 1kg 3.47/bagM8 x 80mm 0.15/ea
40mm 1kg 3.01/bagM8 x 100mm 0.24/ea
50mm 1kg 3.01/bagM8 x 120mm0.32/ea
65mm 1kg 3.01/bagM10 x 100mm 0.27/ea
75mm 1kg 3.01/bagM10 x 115mm0.29/ea
100mm 1kg3.01/bagM10 x 135mm 0.31/ea
40mm 2.5kg6.47/bagM10 x 160mm 0.62/ea
50mm 2.5kg 6.47/bag
65mm 2.5kg6.47/bagHammer Fixings
75mm 2.5kg 5.55/bagM8 x 80mm0.22/ea
100mm 2.5kg5.55/bagM10 x 100mm0.32/ea
125mm 2.5kg 6.47/bag
150mm 2.5kg 6.47/bagLoose Bolts
75mm 25kg40.65/boxM6 x 25mm0.63/ea
100mm 25kg 44.77/boxM8 x 25mm0.84/ea
M10 x 50mm 1.18/ea
M10 x 75mm 1.20/ea
Bright Oval Nails
25mm 1kg5.32/bagProjection Bolts
40mm 1kg3.47/bagM6 x 10mm0.71/ea
50mm 1kg 3.47/bagM8 x 80mm1.10/ea
65mm 1kg 3.47/bagM10 x 30mm 1.48/ea
75mm 1kg 3.47/bagM10 x 60mm 1.63/ea
100mm 1kg 3.47/bag
40mm 2.5kg8.09/bagThrough Bolts
50mm 2.5kg8.09/bagM8 x 115mm 0.54/ea
65mm 2.5kg8.09/bagM10 x 80mm 0.60/ea
75mm 2.5kg 8.09/bagM10 x 100mm0.73/ea
100mm 2.5kg 8.09/bagM10 x 120mm 0.78/ea
Lost Head NailsCollated Ring Nails
50mm 1kg 3.35/bag51 x 2.8 Brt. Ring - 3300 + 3 fuel cells49.27/box
65mm 1kg 3.01/bag51 x 2.8 Galv. Ring - 3300 + 3 fuel cells54.48/box
50mm 2.5kg 6.70/bag63 x 2.8 Brt. Ring - 3300 + 3 fuel cells54.92/box
65mm 2.5kg 6.70/bag63 x 2.8 Galv. Ring - 3300 + 3 fuel cells60.19/box
65mm 25kg 46.59/box90 x 3.1Brt. Smooth - 2200 + 2 fuel cells 50.09/box
90 x 3.1Galv. Smooth -2200 + 2 fuel cells53.41/box
Galvanised Round Wire Nails38mm Straight Brad -2000 + 2 fuel cells16.69/box
40mm 1kg5.13/bag38mm Angled Brad - 2000 + 2 fuel cells19.54/box
50mm 1kg3.93/bag50mm Straight Brad - 2000 + 2 fuel cells18.15/box
65mm 1kg3.93/bag50mm Angled Brad - 2000 + 2 fuel cells21.59/box
75mm 1kg 3.93/bag
100mm 1kg3.93/bag Panel Pins
40mm 2.5kg 11.58/bag20 x 1.6mm (0.5kg)2.82/bag
50mm 2.5kg 8.32/bag25 x 1.6mm (0.5kg)2.82/bag
65mm 2.5kg 8.32/bag30 x 1.6mm (0.5kg)2.82/bag
75mm 2.5kg 8.32/bag40 x 1.6mm (0.5kg)2.82/bag
100mm 2.5kg 8.32/bag50 x 1.6mm (0.5kg) 2.82/bag
75mm 25kg 48.03/box
100mm 25kg50.11/boxSquare Twist Nails
30 x 3.75mm (1kg)5.11/bag
Bolts & Fixings
Cup Square Hex Bolts (inc.nuts)BZP Nuts
M6 x 50mm 0.09/eaM6 0.07/ea
M6 x 65mm0.10/eaM8 0.08/ea
M6 x 75mm 0.11/eaM10 0.09/ea
M6 x 100mm 0.16/eaM120.13/ea
M8 x 50mm 0.15/ea
M8 x 75mm 0.20/eaBZP Washers
M8 x 100mm 0.25/eaM6 0.07/ea
M8 x 150mm 0.35/eaM8 0.08/ea
M10 x 75mm0.32/eaM10 0.09/ea
M10 x 100mm 0.37/eaM120.13/ea
M10 x 130mm 0.46/ea
M10 x 150mm 0.52/eaM8 x 30mm Repair 0.17/ea
M10 x 180mm0.91/eaM10 x 50mm Repair 0.40/ea
M10 x 200mm 1.02/ea
M12 x 100mm 0.50/eaSquare Plate 0.40/ea
M12 x 130mm 0.77/ea
M12 x 150mm0.84/eaThreaded Bar (1mtr lengths)
M12 x 200mm 1.16/eaM6 0.87/ea
M8 1.56/ea
Roofing Bolts (inc.nuts)M10 2.89/ea
M6 x 40mm 0.12/eaM123.19/ea
M6 x 60mm 0.18/ea
M6 x 80mm 0.23/eaWood to Wood Dowels
M6 x 100mm 0.28/ea
M8 x 80mm 0.28/ea8 x 1" (6)0.63/pk
M8 x 100mm 0.32/ea8 x 1 1/2" (4)0.72/pk
M8 x 120mm 0.46/ea
M8 x 160mm 0.51/ea
M8 x 200mm 0.69/eaFluted Dowels
M6 x 30mm (50)1.44/pk
Thunder BoltsM8 x 30mm (50)1.44/pk
M6 x 50mm 0.16/eaM10 x 40mm (50)2.47/pk
M6 x 75mm 0.22/ea
M6 x 100mm 0.28/ea
M6 x 130mm 0.36/ea
M6 x 150mm 0.40/ea
M8 x 60mm 0.28/ea
M8 x 75mm 0.32/eaJointing Biscuits
M8 x100mm 0.41/ea45 x 15 x 4mm (25)2.27/pk
M8 x130mm 0.56/ea55 x 19 x 4mm (25)2.37/pk
M8 x 150mm 0.64/ea63 x 23 x 4mm (25)2.47/pk
M10 x 60mm 0.42/ea
M10 x 75mm 0.48/eaMisc. Bolts & Fasteners
M10 x 100mm 0.65/eaWorktop Joint Bolt (2)1.70/pk
M10 x130mm 0.82/eaHandrail Bolt4.10/ea
M10 x 150mm 0.96/ea
M12 x 75mm 0.77/eaCoach Screws
M12 x 100mm 0.98/eaM8 x 50mm 0.18/ea
M12 x 130mm 1.28/eaM8 x 65mm 0.23/ea
M12 x 150mm 1.40/eaM8 x 75mm 0.24/ea
M12 x 200mm 1.80/eaM8 x 100mm 0.30/ea
M8 x 120mm 0.36/ea
M10 x 65mm 0.28/ea
M8 x 55mm Eye0.94/eaM10 x 75mm0.31/ea
M8 x55mm Bolt Hook0.90/eaM10 x 100mm 0.47/ea
M10 x 130mm 0.59/ea
M10 x 150mm 0.65/ea
Concrete ScrewsM10 x 180mm 1.07/ea
7.5 x 102mm0.13/eaM10 x 200mm 1.24/ea
7.5 x 102mm (100)10.08/Box
7.5 x 132mm0.18/eaZ/P Eye Bolts
7.5 x 132mm (100)14.53/Box5/16" x 6" (2)1.55/pk
7.5 x 152mm0.22/ea5/16" x 8" (2)2.42/pk
7.5 x 152mm (100)16.67/Box3/8" x 8" (2)2.37/pk
Cap0.01/ea3/8" x 10" (2)2.63/pk
Joist Hangers, Straps, Brackets, Plates & Braces etc
Timber to Timber Joist HangersCabinet Mounting
50mm 0.79/eaBrackets & Plates 3.50/pair
75mm 0.94/ea
100mm 1.01/eaHand Rail Brackets
50mm X-Long 2.98/ea2.5" White 1.39/ea
75mm X-Long 2.98/ea2.5" Brass 3.46/ea
100mm X-Long 3.38/ea2.5" Chrome 4.28/ea
50mm Mini Hangers0.53/ea
White Slotted Steel Shelving
Timber to Masonary Joist Hangers170mm Brackets1.60/ea
50 x 100mm 1.79/ea270mm Brackets1.82/ea
50 x 125mm 1.95/ea470mm Brackets3.47/ea
50 x 150mm 1.95/ea1000mm Uprts4.18/ea
50 x 175mm 1.95/ea1400mm Uprts5.02/ea
50 x 200mm 2.05/ea2400mm Uprts7.66/ea
50 x 225mm 2.18/ea
75 x 150mm 2.57/eaShelf Supports
75 x 225mm 2.95/eaPlastic Nail-in (10)0.62/pk
75 x 300mm 5.70/eaPlastic Push-in (10)1.55/pk
100 x 300mm 5.90/eaMetal Push-in (10)1.55/pk
Modesty Blocks0.07/ea
Multi Hangers
MHE 325/50 50 x 150mm 1.85/eaDrawer Runners
MHE 380/50 50 x 175mm 1.94/ea12"3.19/pair
MHE 500/50 50 x 225mm2.27/ea14" 3.61/pair
MHE 325/75 75 x 125mm1.85/ea16" 4.12/pair
MHE 500/75 75 x 225mm2.06/ea18"4.64/pair
MHE 620/75 75 x 275mm 3.79/eaSoffit Vent Strip
MHE 325/100 100 x 125mm1.85/ea Black/White/Brown1.79/ea
MHE 620/100 100 x 275mm3.79/ea
Joist Straps
600 - 100 Bend 1.65/ea
900 - 100 Bend 2.57/ea
1200 - 100 Bend 3.33/ea
Misc. Joist Fasteners
50mm Truss Clips0.39/ea
50mm Double Sided Connector0.37/ea
Corner Braces & Plates etc
1" Corner Brace0.08/ea
1 1/2" Corner Brace0.09/ea
2" Corner Brace0.10/ea
2 1/2" Corner Brace0.15/ea
3" Corner Brace0.20/ea
4" Corner Brace0.31/ea
3" Tee Plate0.26/ea
4" Tee Plate0.34/ea
2" Corner Plate0.11/ea
2 1/2" Corner Plate0.13/ea
3" Corner Plate0.26/ea
4" Corner Plate0.38/ea
6" Corner Plate1.15/ea
3" Mending Plate0.14/ea
4" Mending Plate0.18/ea
1 1/2" Stretcher Plate0.19/ea
EB Glass Plates
1 1/4" Slotted (4)0.52/pk
1 1/2" Slotted (4)0.70/pk
2" Slotted (2)0.62/pk
1 1/4" Plain (4)0.62/pk
1 1/2" Plain (4)0.70/pk
2" Plain (4)0.72/pk
Adhesives, Fillers, Sealants, Paints, Wood Treatments & Stains etc
AbrasivesWood Preserver
60g Sand Paper 0.68/mtr5ltr 19.52/ea
80g Sand Paper 0.68/mtr Golden Chestnut, Fir Green
120g Sand Paper 0.68/mtr Red Cedar, Dark Oak, Clear
240g Sand Paper 0.68/mtr750ml Ronseal End Grain Preserver10.89/ea
Steel Wool1.45/pk
Creosote Substitute
Adhesive Tape4Ltr Light / Dark 8.39/ea
19mm Masking 0.89/roll
25mm Masking 1.14/rollWood Treatments
38mm Masking 1.58/roll500ml Liberon/Rustins Teak Oil7.67/ea
50mm Masking 2.14/roll500ml Littlefairs Danish Oil11.90/ea
Black/Silver Duct 3.42/roll500ml Knotting 6.58/ea
5ltr Multi-purpose Treatment22.43/ea
Filler, Foam & Cleaners5ltr Lumberjack Decking Treatment18.39/ea
500g Everbuild 2 Part Filler 8.23/ea2.5ltr Liberon Decking Oil21.30/ea
500g D├ęcor-Fill High Performance Filler9.73/ea5ltr Liberon Decking Oil34.03/ea
250g Wood & Grain Filler4.52/ea4ltr Rustins Decking Cleaner8.22/ea
1kg Ready Mixed Filler2.47/eaDyes, Stains & Varnishes
1hr Decorators Caulk1.41/ea1ltr Antique Water Stain11.90/ea
500ml Antique Water Stain8.50/ea
50ml Liberon Wax Filler Stick4.93/ea250ml Antique Water Stain5.95/ea
Mahogany, L/Oak, D/Oak, Pine500ml Littlefairs Wax Polish11.90/ea
Medium Brown, Clear
750ml Expanding Foam5.42/ea Antique Brown, Stripped Pine
750ml Gun Grade Expanding Foam5.43/ea50ml Liberon Wax Filler Stick4.93/ea
Mahogany, L/Oak, D/Oak, Pine
750mm Everbuild Satin Woodstain7.30/ea
Expanding Foam Gun Cleaner6.44/ea Antique Pine, Rosewood,Dark Oak,
750ml White Spirit1.66/ea Walnut, Mahogany
Everbuild Wonder Wipes (100)5.99/tub5Ltr Lumberjack Fence Mate8.49/ea
Country Oak, Holly Green
P45 Foam Application Gun18.85/ea Rustic Red, Burnt Oak
1Ltr Littlefairs Varnish11.90/ea
Paints & Paint Brushes750ml Everbuild Yacht Varnish8.07/ea
1ltr Bitumen Primer5.74/ea750ml Everbuild Interior Gloss Varnish7.38/ea
2.5ltr Black Bitumen Paint11.17/ea
1" Paint Brush1.00/ea100mm (10mtr)10.73/roll
2" Paint Brush2.15/ea150mm (10mtr)15.29/roll
3" Paint Brush3.78/ea225mm (10mtr)22.21/roll
4" Paint Brush6.57/ea
Wood Glue & Adhesives
4" Shed & Fence Brush3.98/ea500ml Wood Glue2.97/ea
1ltr Wood Glue5.22/ea
5ltr Wood Glue18.06/ea
1ltr PVA Bonding3.49/ea
Sealants, Mastics & Putty5ltr PVA Bonding10.21/ea
General Purpose Silicone2.25/ea
310ml 5min PU Adhesive (C3 tube)6.85/ea
750ml 30min Liquid PU Adhesive12.17/ea
Ever Build Stix All (All Weather Sealant)5.52/ea
250ml Contact Adhesive4.77/ea
Lead Mate3.97/ea750ml Contact Adhesive8.55/ea
Frame Sealant1.47/eaMitre Fast 2 Part Adhesive6.72/ea
G.P Trowel Mastic 3kg (stone/red)6.98/ea
2kg Brown Butyl Glazing Compound7.71/eaInstant Nails (Quick Grab Solvent Free)1.84/ea
2kg Brown/Natural Linseed Oil Putty6.66/ea
Ever Build Stix All (All Weather Sealant)5.52/ea
Laminate & Timber Floor Sealant3.39/ea
2.5ltr Felt Adhesive10.71/ea
Sealant & Mastic Applicators5ltr Felt Adhesive17.80/ea
C3 Mastic Gun4.41/ea
C4 Mastic Gun4.41/eaEverbuild D4 Adhesive6.96/ea
Handles, Door & Window Furniture
Victorian - Satin & Polished ChromeDesigner Lever Latch Handles (on rose)
Scroll / Straight Latch Handles11.03/pairFortessa Handles13.95/pair
Scroll / Straight Lock Handles12.19/pairFortessa WC Turn5.99/ea
Scroll / Straight Bathroom Handles15.45/pairFortessa Escutcheons4.20/pair
Cylinder Pull3.77/eaAccess Hardware Handles9.99/pair
Urn Knocker7.95/eaCarlisle Brass Latch Packs12.00/ea
Bell Push6.75/ea(1 pair Handles, 1 pair B Bearing Hinges and a 63mm Latch)
Letter Plate10.19/ea
Letter Tidy5.04/ea Belinas C/P, Sines C/P Sintra C/P,
Open/Closed Escutcheon4.01/pair Tavira C/P, Victorian Straight E/B,
Victorian Scroll E/B
Victorian Brass
Scroll/Straight Latch Handles9.70/pair
Scroll/Straight Lock Handles12.19/pair
Scroll/Straight Bathroom Handles14.46/pairSAA
Cylinder Pull2.01/eaLatch Handles4.93/pair
Urn Knocker7.25/eaLock Handles5.40/pair
Bell Push4.31/eaBathroom Handles7.46/pair
Letter Plate7.93/ea12" x 3" Finger Plate 2.05/ea
Letter Tidy4.20/ea6" x 30" Kick Plate7.59/ea
Open/Closed Escutcheon3.15/pair6" x 31" Kick Plate7.86/ea
12" x 3" Finger Plate 3.42/ea6" x 32" Kick Plate8.14/ea
Georgian Brass
Latch Handles9.70/pair
Lock Handles12.19/pairSAA Round Bar
Bathroom Handles14.46/pair150mm Pull Handle 10.67/ea
Cylinder Pull2.39/ea225mm Pull Handle 11.41/ea
Urn Knocker6.94/eaLatch Handles L.Plate13.46/pair
Bell Push3.89/eaLock Handles L. Plate17.74/pair
Letter Plate9.32/eaBathroom Handles LP16.54/pair
Open/Closed Escutcheon3.20/pairLatch Handles - Rose12.56/pair
Cupboard Knobs & Handles
30mm Pine 0.78/ea
40mm Pine 0.97/ea
50mm Pine1.32/ea
30mm Beechwood 1.07/ea
40mm Beechwood 1.40/ea
50mm Beechwood 1.71/ea
Classical/Period Suite Mortice Knobs
Brass Mushroom 11.24/pair4" Aluminium D Handle1.24/ea
CP / SC Mushroom 15.18/pair6" Aluminium D Handle1.65/ea
Georgian Period10.19/pair4" Brassed D Handle1.47/pair
Wentworth Suite F/BronzeDoor Chains
Latch Handles15.50/pairE/B 1.89/ea
Lock Handles15.50/pair
Bathroom Handles19.86/pairE/B Safety Guard3.71/ea
C/P Safety Guard5.98/ea
Oakley Suite Brass
Latch Handles10.85/pairSingle Robe Hooks
Lock Handles10.85/pairChrome1.73/ea
Bathroom Handles13.18/pairBrass 1.27/ea
Lytham Suite SC-CPHat & Coat Hooks
Latch Handles21.99/pairHeavy Duty Chrome4.99/ea
Lock Handles21.99/pairHeavy Duty Brass 4.21/ea
Bathroom Handles25.39/pairSAA 0.85/ea
Brass 1.60/ea
Latches, Locks, Cills & etc.
3 Lever Locks (NP/EB)Door & Cupboard Catches
2.5" bathroom lock7.25/eaDouble Brass Ball Catch1.03/ea
3" bathroom lock7.25/eaNylon Kidi Catch (2)0.63/pk
2.5" sashlock7.25/eaMed Magnetic Catch 0.56/ea
3" sashlock7.25/eaDouble Roller Catch0.66/ea
5 Lever Sash Locks (NP/EB)Ultra Magnetic Catch0.87/ea
2.5" & 3" Euro BSI20.52/ea
Rebate Set9.81/eaMagnetic Push Latch1.96/ea
ZP Touch Latch2.78/ea
5 Lever Dead Locks (NP/EB)Gripper Catch (2)0.78/pk
2.5" & 3" Euro BSI20.52/ea63mm Brass Wardrobe Lock2.58/ea
Adjustabl Roller Catch1.86/ea
Rim Locks & Handles
5 1/2" x 3" Sashlock10.20/ea
4" x 3" Narrow Case DeadLock7.36/ea
Plastic Mortice knobs2.68/eaFire Escape Furniture
AR880 Single Panic Bolt70.04/ea
AR888 Double Rebated Unit128.20/ea
Locking Latches (night, digital etc)AR882 Reversible Panic Latch53.53/ea
AR883 Reversible Push Pad53.53/ea
Double Locking Night Latch17.74/eaAR885/K Locking Attachment87.72/ea
Digital Lock 36.72/ea
Door Closers
Carlisle Fixed Size 3-SE (60kg max)16.73/ea
Latches (NP/EB/BA)AR8200-SE/Gold28.39/ea
2.5" Euro Latch1.68/eaSilver Hydraulic Door Closer Size EN2-442.42/ea
3" Euro Latch1.68/ea
Rebate Set for Euro Latches 1.68/ea
2.5" / 3" Heavy Duty Latch 4.34/ea
4" Heavy Duty Latch4.83/ea
Rebate Set for Heavy Duty Latches 5.08/ea
2.5" / 3" Tubular Deadlock4.34/eaDoor Stops
SAA Projecting 1.96/ea
Brass Projecting 2.78/ea
Chrome Projecting 3.15/ea
SAA Shielded Oval1.65/ea
Brass Shielded Oval 3.09/ea
EB/CP Spring 0.93/ea
1 3/8" Black Rubber0.93/ea
1 3/8" White Rubber1.24/ea
Self Adhesive Door Buffers0.93/ea
Steel Butt HingesCabinet Hinges
1 1/2" 0.24/pairEasy on 4.73/pair
2"0.29/pairConcealed 1.89/pair
2 1/2"0.34/pair165 Concealed3.78/ea
3" 0.41/pair
4" 0.61/pairPiano Hinges (1.8mtr)
3" Rising LH/RH1.79/pair1" EB/ SC 3.94/ea
4" Rising LH/RH2.77/pair1 1/4" EB/ SC 3.94/ea
Tee Hinges
BZP Butt Hinges6" Galvanised 2.31/pair
3" 1838 0.80/pair
4" 1838 1.00/pair12" Galvanised 3.53/pair
18" Galvanised10.69/pair
Ball Bearing Butt Hinges4" Japanned 1.00/pair
3" Stainless Steel3.71/pair6" Japanned 1.56/pair
3" Polished Brass 5.75/pair12" Japanned 3.38/pair
18" Japanned 5.84/pair
4" Class 13 Stainless Steel (1.5 pairs)6.94/box
4" Class 13 Polished Brass5.73/pairHooks & Bands
10" Galv. Cranked 7.57/pair
Washered Butt Hinges12" Galv. Cranked 8.28/pair
4" Brass 1.89/pair14" Galv. Cranked 9.23/pair
3" Chrome Plated 5.77/pair16" Galv. Cranked10.89/pair
4" Chrome Plated 10.03/pair18" Galv. Cranked 14.42/pair
3" Polished Brass 2.92/pair20" Galv. Cranked 17.61/pair
4" Polished Brass 5.31/pair24" Galv. Cranked 20.81/pair
3" Satin Chrome5.77/pair30" Galv. Cranked 27.18/pair
36" Galv. Cranked 33.43/pair
Electro-Brassed Butt Hinges10" Galv. Straight7.57/pair
2" 0.41/pair12" Galv. Straight8.28/pair
3" 0.65/pair14" Galv. Straight9.23/pair
4" 1.13/pair16" Galv. Straight10.89/pair
18" Galv. Straight14.42/pair
Flush Hinges EB / BZP20" Galv. Straight17.62/pair
2"0.56/pair24" Galv. Straight20.81/pair
2 1/2" 0.69/pair30" Galv. Straight27.18/pair
3" 0.86/pair36" Galv. Straight33.43/pair
2" Cranked 0.84/pair
Stormproof Hinges
2 1/2" Galv 0.67/pair
Door Bolts & Gate Fittings Etc
Brass Barrel BoltsGarage Door Fittings
1 1/2" Straight 1.28/ea12" Black Jap Bolt 11.23/ea
2" Cranked 1.85/ea15" Black Jap Bolt 12.16/ea
2" Straight 1.65/ea18" Black Jap Bolt12.44/ea
2 1/2" Straight 1.85/ea
3" Straight 2.10/ea
3" Cranked2.78/eaGate Fittings
4" Straight 2.37/ea12" Black Japanned Bow Handle Bolt14.12/ea
6" Straight 3.15/eaBlack Japanned Suffolk Gate Latch3.71/ea
6" Cranked 3.30/eaZinc Plated Suffolk Gate Latch3.92/ea
Black Japanned Ring Handle Gate Latch8.65/ea
Zinc Plated Ring Handle Gate Latch8.65/ea
Chrome Barrel BoltsBlack Japanned Auto Gate Latch2.58/ea
2 1/2" Straight2.16/eaZinc Plated Auto Gate Latch2.68/ea
3" Straight 2.47/ea4" Spring Loaded Gate Caster17.21/ea
3" Cranked 2.58/ea6" Black Japanned Hot Bed Handle1.60/ea
4" Straight2.88/ea8" Black Japanned Gate Spring5.44/ea
4" Cranked 2.99/ea
6" Straight 3.61/ea
Hasp & Staples
SAA Barrel Bolts3" Black Japanned2.06/ea
1 1/2" Straight 0.68/ea4 1/2" Black Japanned2.16/ea
2 1/2" Straight 0.74/ea6" Black Japanned 2.33/ea
3" Straight 0.80/ea3" Zinc Plated 2.16/ea
3" Cranked 1.07/ea4 1/2" Zinc Plated 2.37/ea
4" Straight 0.87/ea6" Zinc Plated 2.58/ea
4" Cranked0.97/ea10" Medium Black Jappaned7.52/ea
6" Straight 0.99/eaFlush Bolts
6" Chrome 11.20/ea
Door Security Bolts6" Satin Nickel11.20/ea
Double Pack CP (inc key)6.04/ea6" Brass 11.20/ea
Double Pack EB (inc key)6.04/ea4" Side Sunk Brass3.78/ea
Key0.84/ea4" Side Sunk Chrome4.31/ea
Brass Hinge bolt (2)2.94/eaDoor Surface Bolts
Chrome Hinge bolt (2)2.52/ea4" Chrome Bev.Edge 6.28/ea
6" Chrome Bev.Edge7.31/ea
Tower Bolts4" Brass Bev.Edge4.64/ea
4" Black Japanned 1.71/ea6" Brass Bev.Edge5.67/ea
6" Black Japanned 2.06/ea
8" Black Japanned 2.99/eaCabin Hook & Eyes
4" Galvanised 2.23/ea4" Black Japanned 2.06/ea
6" Galvanised 2.55/ea6" Black Japanned 2.16/ea
8" Galvanised 3.44/ea8" Black Japanned 2.58/ea
10" Galvanised 4.41/ea12" Black Japanned 3.68/ea
3" BZP (2)0.62/pk
4" BZP (2)0.62/pk
Padbolts6" Galvanised2.14/ea
4" Galvanised 3.34/ea8" Galvanised2.58/ea
6" Galvanised 4.16/ea3" Brass 3.71/ea
8" Galvanised 4.72/ea6" Brass5.15/ea
Oval Galvanised 3.79/ea
Brass Shouldered Cup Hooks
4" Black Japanned3.50/ea25mm 0.62/pk
6" Black Japanned4.02/ea40mm 0.62/pk
8" Black Japanned4.64/ea
ZP Steel Screw Eyes
40mm 0.66/pk
65mm 0.66/pk
ZP Steel M Hooks
60mm 0.66/pk
Hand Tools, Safety Gear, Straps & Miscellaneous
Saws & BladesLuggage Straps & Ratchets
Hardpoint Saw 20''8.93/ea24" Luggage Strap2.16/ea
Hardpoint Saw 22''10.13/ea30" Luggage Strap2.27/ea
36" Luggage Strap2.37/ea
Coping Saw8.30/eaTie Strap (2)2.05/ea
Coping Saw Blades (10)3.92/pkRatchet Strap 1 ton5.34/ea
Junior Hack Saw2.05/ea
Junior Hack Saw Blades (10)4.18/pk Chrome Plated Tubing
3/4'' x 3'3.68/ea
1'' x 3' 4.19/ea
3/4'' x 4'4.73/ea
Jigsaw Blades - Dewalt Plunge Point1" x 4'5.24/ea
T101BRF Worktops (3) 6.99/pk3/4'' x 5' 5.41/ea
T144D Wood (5) 6.99/pk1" x 5'5.62/ea
T101D Wood/Ply/Plastic(5)5.15/pk3/4'' x 6'5.78/ea
1" x 6'7.30/ea
Faithfull Sabre Saw Blades3/4'' Centre Bracket1.10/ea
S922BF Metal (5)4.85/pk1'' Centre Bracket1.04/ea
3/4'' End Bracket0.72/ea
Misc. Tools1'' End Bracket0.73/ea
Stanley Chalk Line4.63/ea3/4'' End Socket 0.66/ea
1'' End Socket 0.79/ea
Trimming Knife4.15/ea
Knife Blades (10)2.92/pkWall Tiles
Carpenters Pencil 0.63/eaWhite Tiles (1sq mtr)4.48/ea
Tape MeasuresPoly Tarpaulins
5mtr Drayson Tape4.07/ea12' x 9' 4.94/ea
5mtr Stanley Tape4.26/ea18' x 12' 7.77/ea
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)WorkTop Joint Strips
Rubberised Glove2.05/pair30mm End Cap2.63/ea
30mm Straight Joint 2.63/ea
Rubble Sacks30mm Corner Joint3.47/ea
Rubble Sacks (5)1.32/pk40mm End Cap4.20/ea
40mm Straight Joint 3.78/ea
40mm Corner Joint3.89/ea
Laminate Floor Accessories
3mm Quick Step Green Underlay19.21/roll
Carpet to Laminate Joint Strips
Silver / Gold3.08/ea
Laminate & Timber Floor Sealant3.39/ea
Drill Bits & Drill Accessories
Flat Wood Drill BitsMasonry Drill Bits
8 x 150mm 2.29/ea5 x 150mm 2.13/ea
10 x 150mm2.36/ea5.5 x 150mm2.49/ea
14 x 150mm2.45/ea6 x 150mm2.72/ea
16 x 150mm2.45/ea7 x 150mm2.96/ea
18 x 150mm2.52/ea8 x 150mm 3.19/ea
20 x 150mm2.61/ea10 x 150mm 3.84/ea
22 x 150mm2.68/ea12 x 150mm 3.91/ea
25 x 150mm2.76/ea14 x 150mm5.44/ea
28 x 160mm3.22/ea16 x 150mm 13.01/ea
32 x 160mm2.92/ea
38 x 160mm3.56/eaSDS Drill Bits
5 x 160mm 3.06/ea
5.5 x 160mm 3.09/ea
HSS Drill Bits6 x 160mm 3.18/ea
1 x 30mm 0.63/ea6.5 x 160mm3.18/ea
2 x 49mm0.69/ea7 x 160mm3.58/ea
2.5 x 57mm0.71/ea8 x 160mm 3.68/ea
3 x 61mm 0.76/ea10 x 160mm3.86/ea
3.5 x 70mm 0.82/ea11 x 160mm4.15/ea
4 x 75mm0.84/ea
4.5 x 80mm0.94/ea6 x 210mm3.74/ea
5 x 86mm1.19/ea6.5 x 210mm3.81/ea
5.5 x 93mm1.22/ea7 x 210mm 3.81/ea
6 x 93mm1.36/ea8 x 210mm 4.25/ea
6.5 x 101mm1.36/ea9 x 210mm5.36/ea
7 x 109mm2.04/ea10 x 210mm 5.57/ea
8 x 117mm2.27/ea12 x 210mm 5.57/ea
9 x 125mm2.61/ea14 x 210mm11.35/ea
10 x 133mm3.44/ea16 x 210mm 12.75/ea
11 x 142mm4.67/ea
12 x 151mm5.20/ea8 x 410mm 8.97/ea
10 x 410mm 10.21/ea
Countersink Drill Bits12 x 410mm10.61/ea
6mm Adjustable3.68/ea14 x 410mm 11.35/ea
8mm Adjustable 3.99/ea16 x 410mm 12.75/ea
10mm Adjustable3.99/ea
12mm Adjustable 4.41/eaHinge Boring Bits
26mm 6.73/ea
Router Bits35mm 7.46/ea
Assorted (I/4" Shank) 5.41/ea
Plug Cutters
No.6 6.72/ea
Screwdriver Accessories
PZ1 Bit1.00/ea
PZ2 Bit1.00/ea
PZ2 Long (15)5.52/box
PZ2 Short (25)5.52/box
PZ3 Bit1.00/ea
PH4 Bit1.31/ea
T30 (3) Tork Bit2.23/ea
Magnetic Bit Holder3.69/ea
Bahco Bit Set9.99/set